GoForth Institute E-Learning Introduction: Online Entrepreneur Education & Skill Set Training Course

  • Canada’s leading comprehensive, fast and affordable online business training.

The need for entrepreneurship education is clear. Of the 150,000 small businesses that start in Canada every year, only half will see their fifth birthday. That is – until GoForth. GoForth Institute (GoForth) was established to improve the odds of success of Canadian entrepreneurs. It delivers real-world online education for entrepreneurs and ongoing support for people who are thinking of starting, getting ready to start or wanting to grow a small business.

This introductory seminar provides insight into GoForth’s comprehensive, affordable and convenient online video entrepreneurship training program. GoForth teaches aspiring entrepreneurs and small business owners what they need to know to run a small business, the 100 Essential Small Business SkillsTM via online video – in just 10 hours. Since 2009, they’ve trained over 10,000 entrepreneurs. With a GoForth annual subscription, you’ll learn all the skills you need to start, run, and grow your small business successfully - at a low, affordable cost!

What Will I Learn?

  • What is offered in the GoForth online program, the entire course curriculum, materials and live expert support
  • An overview of the courses 10 modules and each module three 20-minute online training video lessons
  • What makes GoForth different from other small business education centres
  • Supplemental post-program advisory support services available

Who should attend?

  • Any entrepreneur wanting to start or expand a small company!

Sponsored & Presented By: Doug Daymond - according 2 plans+, Founder, Managing Director

Duration: 90-Minutes

Cost: FREE!