Our Story…

a2p+ was founded in 2010 recognizing that startups and small businesses have a dire need for ongoing business development support and day-to-day business management tools in order to succeed. Support through expert business advisement, sound fundamental education and skill set training so that they can survive, thrive and fulfill their true potential—although most don't admit or recognize the need until it's too late.

As lifelong entrepreneurs ourselves, we know first-hand how hard it is to find professional, experienced hands-on expertise that’s both down-to-earth and affordable. We knew of no advisory group, company solely commit to helping the entrepreneurial and small business ecosystem...so we created one ourselves!

We do what we do because we have a sincere, deep-rooted passion and commitment to entrepreneurs, the small business owner. We solely focus on respecting, assisting and developing existing and next generation small business owners so they achieve the success they are striving for, to enrich their lives. Our business focus is ONLY on small business! We love working with and assisting the business majority that makes our communities thrive!

Our Why…

We have walked in your shoes on many journeys. We know the fear, the pain, the frustrations, the ongoing challenges. Knowing that 98% of the Canadian market is
made up of small businesses; high on passion and determination, with a knack for innovation, we sought to make a difference and help entrepreneurs and small
business owners achieve the independence and success they are striving for. Moving the needle away from the horrific new business failure statistics
and making a positive impact on the lives of small business owners is exactly what motivates and drives us.

Just what is it that we do (and do well we might add)?

Whether you’re thinking of starting a new business, launching a new business, looking for fresh ways to grow an existing one, or planning your exit strategy, a2p+ is the place to get on the right path. You need answers—not another meeting. You need sound advice and guidance that you can trust and an advocate who surprises you with insights—not hidden fees.

Our clients and educational students are primarily...

  • Aspiring entrepreneurs who are thinking about a business
  • Existing early stage small businesses
  • Professional and service trades

The team at a2p+ has the expertise, full range of business development services, skill set education and training programs and burning passion to put every entrepreneur and small business onto the road to success!

We are defined by your success!

Our team of small biz expert advisors share a passion for and a commitment to entrepreneurship. It’s part of DNA.
We tirelessly work to continually improve and diversify our services, programs, community, and ourselves to help you achieve your goals!

I've been involved in entrepreneurship from just about every angle: as an employee, founder, consultant and small business advisor and I love all things entrepreneurship. Most notably, helping new entrepreneurs build the businesses that they want. There is such an energy… an excitement… when someone is getting ready to start their own business. I have had the pleasure of working alongside over 200 aspiring young (and not-so-young) entrepreneurs about starting their own business. I have lectured on numerous small business development topics, and counseled many existing small business owners over the years. I never tire of discussing new business endeavors.

Talk to me and you’ll quickly realize my passion and goal is to inspire, empower and help others start and grow their own successful business. I strongly believe that anyone, any business can avoid the pitfalls that plague tens of thousands of new businesses each year with professional small business advice, education and skill set training and am commited to providing just that.

Having 30+ years of corporate, entrepreneurial / small business experience and founded various businesses myself, I truly know first-hand what’s necessary to take a business to the forefront of its competition and keep it in the driver’s seat. Having many small business client successes to my credit will support my claim.

Although I’m now primarily recognized as a serial entrepreneur and startup enthusiast, my corporate background is quite diverse having enjoyed senior executive positions with high profile companies such as Nintendo, Sega and Ault Foods. Outside of a2p+, I volunteer and actively work with numerous entrepreneur development organizations including the Waterloo Region Business Enterprise Center, RISE program, special interest and youth programs throughout Southern Ontario.

And when I’m not helping businesses succeed and challenging the "status quo,” you will probably find me either at a concert, music festival, playing guitar (wanna be rock-star!), watching the Jays, or enjoying a basket of extra suicide chicken wings (that would bring most grown men to tears!).