The Statistics Are Alarming...

Only 85% of new Canadian businesses survive their first year,
and only 70% make it through their second.
Only 50% make it to year five!

(Source: Industry Canada 2014)

Don’t become another contributor to the failure statistics
—minimize your risk, take the steps and available resources
to be a small business success story! It all starts here!


Developing the next generation of innovators, entrepreneurs, and small business owners!

We are very proud that our passion is to focus on and specialize in working with professional trades and professional services businesses.

Whether you are planning, starting, or growing a small business, we’ve got you covered!

Planning a Business

You have an exciting new business concept or idea, would like to start a company but have no idea where to start or what to do to get the ball rolling.

Starting a Business

You’re ready to start a business, and you recognize that you would benefit from advice and assistance with planning, strategy & execution.

Growing a Business

Your business is your life, and it’s changing every day bringing new challenges and opportunities. You’re looking for ways to improve and grow.

Are you ready to get your idea off the ground? Wanting to improve and grow?

Well what are you waiting for? Since 2011 we have assisted and guided over 200 Canadian startups and small
businesses at various stages of development. Let our team of small business experts help you succeed too!


What is our “secret sauce”?

It’s our unique combination of business development expertise, education, skill set training, and advisory support that arms our clients and students with the practical insight, knowledge and day-to-day management tools they need to start and manage a successful business.

Planning, Strategy & Advising

Failing to plan IS planning to fail!

Start your journey and business development plans with a solid foundation, clear vision and total confidence.

Education & Skill Set Training

Get business savvy!

Build your business knowledge and skill set to be better equipped for the challenges of starting and running a company.


Time to pay it forward!

Join us in helping support, impact and develop the entrepreneurial ecosystem and local small business communities!

Why a2p+?

Because we're a team of small business experts who are genuinely committed—110% all in to make a positive impact on the entrepreneurial community! From aspiring entrepreneurs who merely have an idea, to startups looking to launch, execute and develop, to fully mature small businesses seeking a fresh approach to growth-we have the small business expertise, experience, programs, and solutions you need to minimize your risks and capitalize on opportunities.

Tell Me More!

When we say it, it’s bragging... when they say it, it’s proof!

"I had the goal of operating my own chiropractic but didn't have the business training. Doug was able to give me the tools and the confidence to operate my own business. Doug was very organized, professional and creative. He took a passionate role in seeing my business develop and has been a great asset throughout the process and now as my business advisor."

Daniel Adler, Capstone Health

Doug took me on as a client after I was in business 1 year. He taught me more in 3-months; while writing my business plan, then I learned the previous 3 years. Doug has been a great mentor for myself and an excellent advisor for my business. Every small business needs someone with his experience and expertise to talk too. He pushed me way outside of my comfort zone and forced me to address the issues I was evading. I would highly recommend Doug to anyone that wants to build their business…or better it.

Ray Bowman - Owner, Rayzor Edge Tree Service (Div. of Elite Forestry Inc.)

“Doug has been an excellent advisor for our organization here at Horizon Quest Inc. From the development of my business plan to the ongoing growth and operation of my business Doug has provided much needed guidance and insight as part of our advisory board. He is excellent with financial numbers, statistics, delegation and assigning responsibility. Thanks Doug!"

Kervin Frey- President- Horizon Quest Inc

"Doug was great to work with; he really helped me think about things from a different point of view and challenged me to my fullest potential to put me on the proper path for success. His knowledge and experience in building and developing businesses separates Doug from others and always approaches situations in a very honest manor. I would recommend Doug in any form of business development. "

Gian Paul Delle Donne – Owner, Around the House Property Maintenance & Landscaping

Don’t be shy, let’s start with a no cost 60-min. consultation!

Let’s connect and chat over a coffee or online—your choice! We aim to please.

Meeting with an a2p+ advisor will give you a fresh perspective on validating your business idea, starting a business, or growing your business. You’ll experience first-hand our expertise, knowledge and down-to-earth approach so you can make the right decision for you and your business. So let’s chat, your first session is on us with no obligation to continue.

I'm Ready!